Jan 23, 2009

New Development

Mia has bronchitis. She has a crackle sound coming from her lungs. So, today I'm doubling up her probiotics and also giving her fresh coconut water from a baby coconut, instead of from a container, to up her immune system. I'm also picking up some yogurt to give her. Typical treatment for this is antibiotics and/or steroids. I'm opting to go the homeopathic route. She doesn't feel well, but she's not lethargic. She panics out a bit when she coughs, and that turns into more of an asthmatic reaction. I stand her up, against my side, rub her chest and neck, and she calms down and breathes easier. She's resting right now and sleeping well (amazing how when she's awake, she coughs, but once she's asleep, she rests peacfully). Fingers and paws crossed that she sails past this. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hope Mia had a good weekend and is feeling better! Pam Smith

  2. Thanks, Pam. She's slowly improving -- baby steps. Will post new blog entry soon.