Feb 19, 2009

Hopeful News About Mia's Treatment

I've delayed writing an update about Mia's progress, because it took her so long to improve. Now, however, her bronchitis is gone and, best of all, her coughing is finally subsiding. She'll always have a cough, I think, because of MVP, but the degree she was coughing was terribly worrisome. The crackling from her lungs was problematic. While I sometimes still hear a crackle, it's no longer chronic. Now, for the exciting news: My friends Harriet and Al Needleman (pharmacist and naturopathic inventor) have made a huge contribution toward Mia's treatment. Al has generously set aside a germinating stem cell derived cord blood serum (exudate) for Mia. The serum is applied externally. It's expected, in Al's words, that it will help "increase capillary blood flow to the congested area, helping to oxygenate and remove toxic bi-products to the lymph system." The second generation of the exudate, which won't be ready for about four months (to develop the process and establish a manufacturing protocol), will have an expected "effect on the perfusion of blood to tissue," to, in layman's terms, help improve the damaged mitral valve tissue -- and, if it works, add years to Mia's life. Until the second generation exudate is ready, Al suggested I read an article, titled "Anatomical studies on lymph drainage of the heart in dogs" by W E Morgan and P B Gray, published in the British Heart Journal, to give me insight into "opportunistic lymphatic drainage," which "surely would make Mia healthier and more comfortable." in the meantime, he expects the first generation to help some. Indeed, Mia already feels better and has made some small gains, which, with this disease, are huge. Photos, of Harriet and Mia, and Mia napping against me, courtesy of the Needlemans.

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  1. What cute photos of Mia. You're so on top of her care and educating yourself, it's wonderful and is helping her so much.

    What a trooper our little Mia is!