Jan 11, 2009

Mia's Amazing 6-month Check-up Results

It's been just over two years since Mia was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and I was told she had six months to a year to live. On Thursday, I took Mia to see Dr. Patti at Best Friends Animal Society's sanctuary (where my full-time magazine and Web site writing gig is, which is why I get vet care done there). X-rays (or radiographs) were taken and a sonogram done. Mia had been having coughing episodes, so I was worried sick that I'd learn her heart disease had progressed. Her heart is already so enlarged that it fills her chest cavity. Anymore pressure and it would be painful for Mia. Before lunch, I dropped her at the clinic and picked her up at the end of the workday. Dr. Patti (one of the vets featured on National Geographic Channel's "DogTown" series) had incredible news: Mia's heart has not enlarged since her last visit! And there's no fluid in her lungs. Dr. Patti also took blood so she could get a good gauge as to how the rest of Mia's system is doing. On Saturday, the work-up came back from the lab. "Mia’s blood work looks great!" Dr. Patti wrote in an e-mail. (Can you hear the audible relief as I write this?) Her coughing is caused because her enlarged heart is pushing upward and causing pressure against her trachea (if I repeated that correctly). So, I'll try and get Mia into a better exercise regimen, now that the days are longer and not so cold, and take an lb. off of her (she only weighs 9 pounds). I'm also continuing the supplements I've been using (my own program, not the doctor's, although I run everything past the vet before I add or take away a supplement). Even better news is that Mia is not yet in congestive heart failure -- which is the end stage for mitral valve prolapse. Happy New Year, Mia -- and Dr. Patti too -- is what I say! Photo (top) of Mia lounging on cottage bed on the Best Friends sanctuary grounds. Photo of Rosy taking a walk on the road in front of our cottage.


  1. Yea!! Wonderful news!

  2. Thanks, Pam. I'm relieved at the results! Mia sends kisses to Ginger!