Dec 21, 2008

Ginger and Mia together again

I just noticed that a photo of Mia with Ginger, another rescued Katrina dog, is on Pam Smith's Blogger profile. (Very nice surprise, Pam.) The photo was taken last summer at the book-release event for Pawprints of Katrina. Lois Lane, a rescued Chihuahua puppy I took back to Utah with me, came from the same yard as Ginger. It was heartwarming to see Ginger and Lois Lane together, because they knew each other from their former back-yard breeding home in Franklinton, Louisiana. For all we know, Ginger could be Lois Lane's mother. Their owners moved out three weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit, abandoning 21 dogs -- most of them breeders and some in cages -- to fend for themselves outside in a yard. Just days after the storm in one of the earliest animal rescues, Ginger and Lois Lane were saved together, along with a handful of other dogs from that property. Ginger's story didn't end there; she became quite the celebrity (read it here) after an overzealous volunteer took her home without telling anyone (she was later returned and Pam and Gene Smith, from Alabama, adopted her). Back in the Tylertown triage center in the make-shift office, Ginger was there for a week with Mia, Lois Lane and me. It was so cute seeing them together again, at the Best Friends sanctuary, three years later, like no time had passed. Photo of Ginger, left, and Mia by Pam Smith.

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