Mar 11, 2010

The Crew in the 'Hood

Sunday morning was sunny for about a one-hour window, in between the rain in the Mojave Desert. So I got everybody into their harnesses (above left-right, Rosy, Hollywood and Joey), and we hurried out the door for a walk in the 'burbs.

Gypsy (pictured left) lagged behind a bit, so that's why she's pictured by herself. Once, I tried her on a coupler -- two on one leash -- with Joey, but it was more like Joey was pulling her than she walking at her own speed. So I ended up carrying her most of the way.

She's not up to their level yet. After all, the Gypsy girl is a puppy mill survivor with a back leg that turns in from living in a cramped wire cage for two years. We'll try the coupler again another time. She's a trooper, though, and loves to go on walks. It took just two trips around our neighborhood for her to figure out that it was a really cool thing to do.

Gypsy now gets just excited as my other dogs when the harnesses and leashes come out and it's time to get "dressed."

Passers-by in cars sometimes slow down to look at the small, medium and extra-large dogs I'm basically steering down the sidewalk. Some even make comments like, "Boy, that's a handful." It looks like it, but they're not. They all know the drill, are great on leashes and love their walks -- and I have just as much fun as they do.

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