Nov 19, 2008

Introducing Mia

Photo by Barb Davis Meet Mia, a five-year-old long-haired Chihuahua with severe mitral valve prolapse and a prominent heart murmur. She was rescued from 4 feet of water in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by responders Jeff Popowich and Ethan Gurney with Best Friends Animal Society. This blog is Mia's treatment and progress report. I can't stop the disease, but I can improve Mia's quality of life while slowing it down and relieving the symptoms. I weaned her off of meds a year ago when I was told by her vet she would probably die of renal failure before the heart disease. Not necessarily a choice that all would agree to, but after careful consideration, that's what I did. Two years ago, she was given just six months to live. I hit the books, studied natural treatments, and put her on supplements. Today, Mia keeps the rest of my crew -- Woody and Rosy -- in line. Mia is a special, sweet little girl who has been through a lot. She has a huge will to live, loves people, loves dogs (after warming up to them). Mia's rescue from the water is included in Pawprints of Katrina. I'll keep you up to date on her mostly good days, her sometimes bad days and what I'm doing naturally to slow the progression of her disease. Please e-mail me with any suggestions. And feel free as well to share your own stories here! --Cathy Mia and Lois Lane wrestling while having a playdate at Lois' home. (Video compliments of Larry and Pat Donoho.)

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